What is LiturgyHelp?

For over 20 years, LiturgyHelp has been helping priests, teachers, catechists, musicians, and everyone involved in Catholic ministry to quickly and creatively prepare for liturgy and prayer. And now the latest version of LiturgyHelp takes this trusted resource to a new level.

LiturgyHelp is a subscription website that gives you access to the official Lectionary and Missal which are fully integrated with national Liturgical Calendars and a wealth of other liturgical resources. We provide easy online access for parishes, schools and other Catholic communities to the wealth of the Church’s liturgical texts; making it faster and easier to prepare materials for liturgy and prayer.

The site complies with all national liturgical requirements and includes a range of language options. In the USA, Spanish is provided for the Lectionary and Missal. In New Zealand, the Māori Missal texts are included. We also have versions of the site for Australia, England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

LiturgyHelp provides very cost-effective resources to individual ministers and a complete suite of web services to parish communities and ministry teams.

Who do we help?

Whatever the ministry, LiturgyHelp can provide a head start in preparing liturgy and prayer for anyone connected to your parish or school.


Busy priests can access a range of resources to use as a starting point for preparing a homily. Bulletin reflections and prayers of the faithful are made easy.

  • Full Lectionary and Missal texts
  • The Book of Blessings
  • Selected Rituals and Sacraments texts
  • Homilies, Reflections and Commentaries
  • NRSV Bible
  • Universal Prayer


Creative ideas inspire teachers to form rich reflection and prayer opportunities with their students. The resources also support classroom RE programs.

  • Easy-access Biblical texts and concordance
  • Children's activities and worksheets
  • Selected Rituals and Sacraments texts
  • Reflections based on Sunday readings
  • Saints Resources
  • Children's intercessions and other prayers
  • Music and psalm suggestions

Parish Secretaries

LiturgyHelp provides resources for parish secretaries that significantly reduce the time and effort needed for many of their important tasks.

  • Bulletin masters and bulletin bits
  • Liturgical art and clip art
  • Selected Rituals and Sacraments texts
  • Children's take home material
  • Fully integrated order of service booklets
  • Universal prayer
  • Lectionary and Missal texts


Annotated music suggestions and recommendations make the process of music preparation quick and easy.

  • General hymns
  • Scripture-based music suggestions
  • Suggested responsorial psalm settings
  • Songs for Children
  • GIA reflection
  • Lectionary and Missal texts
  • Universal prayer
  • Scripture Commentary


With up to 50 additional users, Lectors can access specific resources to help them proclaim the Word with confidence.

  • Lectionary texts
  • Pronunciation guide
  • Universal Prayer
  • Scripture Commentary


Catechists can access a wealth of creative material to support them in their ministry of teaching and sharing the faith.

  • Children's Liturgy discussions
  • Worksheets, stickers and bookmarks
  • Crosswords and word search puzzles
  • Children's music suggestions
  • Lectionary texts
  • Scripture Commentary
  • Universal prayer