User Agreement

LiturgyHelp is a paid subscription. As a user of LiturgyHelp you have some rights and responsibilities.

Most importantly, LiturgyHelp is designed to help in your ministry - use and adapt our resources for your ministry and those you minister to.

Nearly as important, your username and password is for you alone. Your password should not be shared with anyone, under any circumstance.

If someone has access to your username and password, please change your password. Your username should alway be based on your name or personal email address, not your organisation or role.

Material from LiturgyHelp is not to be regularly shared with anyone outside of your organisation, unless their organisation also has a licence.

Resources are to be used for ministerial and study purposes, and are not to be used for commercial purposes.

If you move to a new organisation, you cannot continue using LiturgyHelp unless the new organisation is also a subscriber. Please change your organisation though your profile setting.

It is important that appropriate copyright notices are included in printed and electronic material and that all adaptations of material are appropriate.

Material from the official texts must not be altered, unless permissible by the relevant rubrics.

Orders of Service for any rite should not be used as a replacement for ritual books in the actual liturgy.

If your organisation does not have a valid licence with LiturgyHelp, you must delete all saved data taken from our website and no longer use our resources within your organisation.

If you have any queries regarding our user agreement please contact us at: