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Important notice

Your access to and use of the material on Creative Ministry Resources’ web site “” [or any customised versions of this web site] and the download of files from this web site is conditional on You agreeing to the terms set out below.

by accepting these conditions, downloading, copying or otherwise using the material, You accept and agree to be bound by these licence conditions. acceptance binds You and all of Your employees and affiliates to the terms of the licence.


    1. Affiliates”: any individuals and/or groups who operate as part of Your parish or who are members of Your organisation.

    2. cmr”: creative ministry resources pty ltd.

    3. CMR web site”:

    4. Material”: all files downloaded from the CMR web site.

    5. you” and “Your organisation” : the licensee named below.

    6. for the purpose of this licence, a parish licence does not extend to a parochial school and likewise a school licence does not extend to the school’s parent parish. parishes and schools require separate licences. for the purposes of a diocesan organisation, the licence covers work directly related to that agency’s ministry but does not cover the provision of material directly to subsidiary organisations which would normally require a separate licence, that is, schools or parishes, or ministers whose primary role is within said organisations.


cmr as the owner or licensee of the material grants You a non-exclusive licence to:

  1. access the CMR web site and download and print files for use within Your organisation for activities

    directly related to the pastoral and/or educational activities of Your organisation;

  2. allocate the authorised number of individuals within Your organisation with unique usernames and passwords in order to access the cmr web site;

  3. customise the material to suit Your local conditions and needs subject to compliance with the conditions outlined in this agreement; and

  4. make available printed copies of the Material only to Your Affiliates or those who are members of Your organisation who would not normally require a separate licensing agreement to utilise the material.


    You must:

    1. pay the fees to cmr as invoiced.

    2. only use the material in Your organisation setting and not permit use of the material by any other organisation;

    3. subject to the terms of this licence, not copy, reproduce, translate, adapt, vary or modify the material or any adaptation for any commercial purpose;

    4. allocate unique usernames and passwords to the authorised number of Affiliates of Your organisation

      who You wish to have access to the cmr web site;

    5. supervise and control the use of the Material, usernames and passwords and ensure Your Affiliates who have authorised access to the material, usernames and passwords are made aware of the terms of this licence and agree to be bound by them;

    6. without prejudice to cmr’s right to terminate this agreement, suspend any username or password for any authorised Affiliate if that person infringes or permits others to infringe the obligations under this agreement;

    7. not make available, nor allow others to make available, to unauthorised individuals any username or password which gives access to the cmr web site;

    8. ensure that all material and any adaptation complies with the appropriate copyright restrictions, that is:

      1. ensure that all printed or emailed material clearly displays correct licensing and copyright information;

      2. do not alter material from official rituals except where this is permissible by the relevant


      3. do not alter lectionary texts or scriptural texts; and

    9. delete all of the material and any adaptation or copy when this agreement is terminated for any reason; and

    10. not cache all or any part of the cmr web site other than in the process of normal web browsing or usage.


    cmr and its licensors retain all title, copyrights and intellectual property rights in the material and any adaptation. You must not permit any act which infringes cmr’s or its licensors’ rights in the material. You must immediately report to cmr any breach, suspected or otherwise, of these rights in respect of the material.

  3. TERM

    1. this agreement and the licence under it are effective from the time you accept the terms of this agreement until this agreement is terminated. this agreement may be terminated:

      1. by You at any time by destroying all copies of the material and any adaptation;

      2. immediately and without any further notice if you fail to comply with any provision of this agreement;

      3. by cmr by giving you not less than one month’s notice in writing.

    2. All obligations of confidentiality and restrictions on use, and all other provisions that may reasonably be interpreted to survive the termination of this agreement, continue to bind You and Your Affiliates.


    You acknowledge:

    1. the material is not guaranteed to be error free and the existence of any errors does not constitute a breach of this agreement;

    2. you have exercised independent judgment in accepting the material and have not relied on any representations made by cmr except for those expressly stated in any media relating to the material produced by cmr;

    3. the material is not warranted against infringement or the like with respect to any copyright, trade secret, trade mark or other proprietary right of any third party; and

    4. subject to the terms of any law which cannot be excluded and are implied into this agreement, the liability of cmr for breach of any implied term will be limited to the cost of re-supplying the material.


    cmr will not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages arising out of a breach of this agreement or the supply of defective material. You indemnify cmr against all liabilities, costs and expenses arising out of any claim by a third party as a result of Your breach of this agreement, specifically the copyright terms of the licence under this agreement.


    You shall not the have the right to sell, assign or otherwise transfer any right or obligation under this licence without the consent of cmr and any attempted sale, assignment or transfer shall be null and void in the absence of said written consent.


    this licence is governed by the laws of Australia.

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